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Natural Hair Removal
Owner/Sugar Specialist
Danielle Rudd
Las Vegas, NV
Sugaring LV offers all natural hair removal made from lemon, sugar and water. The sugar paste removes unwanted hair and doesn't stick to live skin cells, eliminating the discomfort associated with wax.


  • Sugar is made with only lemon, sugar and water.
  • Sugar paste is lukewarm so there is no chance of burning the skin.
  • Sugar paste is water soluble which means you can just wipe it away with water-no more sticky mess.
  • Sugar paste gently exfoliates the skin leaving soft and smooth skin after each treatement.
  • You only need 10 days of growth from the last time you shaved to receive a sugaring treatment.
  • Sugar paste seeps into the follicle wrapping around the hair to remove it. This prevents the hair from breaking.
  • Sugar paste removes the hair in it's natural direction which helps prevents in grown hairs.
  • You get your own ball of sugar each time, which means no double dipping ever. This makes sugaring completely sanitary.
  • Wax is made with artificial fragrances, chemicals and preservatives.
  • Wax is applied warm and sometimes overheated which can burn the skin.
  • Wax can only be removed with baby oil, petroleum jelly or wax remover.
  • Wax removes the hair in the opposite direction that it grows which can cause the hair to break and cause in grown hairs.
  • In order to wax, it is recommended to have 4 to 6 weeks of hair growth.
  • Wax removes a live layer of skin which can cause sensitivity or irritation after a treatment.
  • Double dipping in a wax pot is fairly common and very unsanitary.
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